Travelling makes you more prone to getting sick


Back in September 2016 several bystanders witnessed as Hillary Clinton unsteadily abandoned a Sept. 11 memorial ceremony in nyc, stumbling as her staff assisted her to her waiting automobile. Soon afterward, Clinton’s doctor released a statement describing that the Democratic presidential nominee had lately been diagnosed with pneumonia. But it is not only Clinton who has been ill, following several reports indicate that numerous different members of the campaign group have also been stricken with disorders which range from dehydration into respiratory ailments.

The Reason Behind the tide of illness could be plain misfortune — but one should also consider those many travels and extended hours needed to get the work done. “I’d imagine that being sleep deprived and in Reality, traveling generally can expose individuals to all sorts of conditions which may make them more prone to sickness, whether they’re running for president of the USA or running across the states for a business meeting. Bottomline is that travelling has a high tendency to get people sick.

Why do we get sick when travelling?

There are numerous reasons behind this phenomenon and it has been noted time and time again that the more you travel the more likely you are to get sick. Here are some of the most common reason why people get sick when they travel:

You meet more people

According to experts the more people you meet he higher your chances of contracting something like an infection or a bug or just common cold. While traveling may introduce travelers to many different damaging bacteria. “People who undergo airports and jets do have a bit higher chance of infectious issues, such as head colds and flu, as well as the rationale is merely vulnerability to more individuals,” Sanford said. “As individuals working in daycares get head colds more frequently, individuals who undergo audiences become coughed on longer and therefore are at slightly higher risk.” And study seems to support this thought.

Travelers get less sleep

One of the most common and often ignored reasons for getting sick when travelling especially when travelling between time zones is lack of sleep. According to several expert’s people who get less than the required sleep are more susceptible contracting diseases including common cold. Research has suggested that people travelling should take care of there sleeping patterns or sickness is just around the corner.

Anxiety effects the immune system

According to Doctor Akram Khan, a specialist in pulmonary diseases, that people travelling through time zones are more likely to get sick as all that travelling gets the stress levels of the body high and as such causes a disturbance in circadian rhythm. Travelling through unknown places, on a hectic schedule, waiting in airport lounges all of these things are sure to increase the stress levels ofindividuals. This has been known to reduce the effectiveness of the immune system and thereby making us more likely to contact some disease as our body is unable to defend against it.

How not to get sick when travelling?

Fortunately, there are lots of steps travelers can choose to protect themselves. A number of them are fairly regular and do not require significant effort but do tend to make a significant difference.

Washing your hands

When travelling people tend to touch a lot of things and meet people, shake hands with them and generally in the rush of the moment forget that their hands have gotten all sorts of germs attached on them. Sanford mentioned, such as washing your hands frequently with soap and warm water.

Move around a bit

Experts suggest that sitting in the same position for hours increases the rick of getting a blood clot. It is highly recommended that on long journeys one should stretch their legs as often as possible. If possible, get up and go to the bathroom, that is bound to get things running again.

Get Vaccinated

For individuals older than 65, there are currently two pneumonia vaccines accessible also. You should also get vaccinated irrespective of age. Inform your Doctor about where you are headed and chances are, they would give you a suitable vaccination so that things go out as smoothly as possible.

Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated while vacationing is yet another significant way of keeping your immune system healthy. Often when travelling people forget the importance of being hydrated and this could lead to problems. We would also like to remind you that when travelling ensure that you drink bottled water only to prevent contaminants.

Watch your sleep

Jet lag is one more thing which could weaken your body if you are travelling across different time zones. It is important that wherever you are travelling your adjust your sleep schedule immediately so that your body gets the appropriate amount of sleep. People often land in the day and immediately go to sleep and are thus awake at night, don’t do that. Instead force yourself to stay awake the day you land and then take a good night sleep. If you have trouble staying up during the day you may use tea, coffee or other caffeinated beverages to get rid of unwanted sleep.

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