Parents and their messages


Parents are a blessing. A family is not complete without the two halves working together to raise a child. Much of our personalities is shaped by the combined efforts of our parents and even when we grown up and left the nest so as to say, parents shine on us like a radiant sun. Ready to nurture whatever questions we may have about the mysteries of life.

My dad knows how to lighten the mood and make me laugh. Whenever we call him, no matter at which he is or what he is doing, he’ll always answer the telephone. 1 night, I phoned him and we were talking about nothing specifically. His response? “On the treadmill” or in the fitness center. He had been JOGGING a lot lately. You?” Other times when I call my dad he will say, “At a meeting” Or “in a picture.” It is similar to, Dad, hang up the telephone.

What’s it all about fathers and their telephone behavior? Here, a few “If my father calls me,” he states, ‘Hello, this is Steve Larson, your daddy.’ It is wonderful.” — Chris” My father signs all of his texts. Message which WASN’T SIGNED. We immediately discovered and could not resist answering, ‘Sorry, who’s that?’ He clearly responded, “Dad. Dad.” He’s signed each text ” — Robyn “My father does not ever call from the blue. Rather, he sends

A meeting invitation and includes a schedule with things such as, ‘New project. What is it happening?’ Or even “Granddaughter. Christmas present?” The assembly invitation is always to get a Tuesday at 8:30 pm And when he calls in the exact same time, the very first thing he asks is, ‘Where are you’ Like I’m likely to be everywhere but dwelling on the sofa at 8:30 p.m. to a Tuesday.” — Janel” My father would signal every single text message ‘LOL.’ ‘See you, LOL.’ LOL.’ He believed it stood for ‘plenty of love’ — Katie Already so dad-like, however you have not lived until you have been stuck at a car with him and you also understand he voice-texts everything. – Ginny “My father always told me exactly what time it had been when he phoned me, and my period and the precise time gap if we had been in different time zones. He should have left countless voicemails over the decades that started: ‘Gemma darling! It is 3:15 p.m. here, so it is…’ etc. I wish I had one saved. Everyone treasure your parents and save some of their voice messages!

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