Strange Things About Japan That Baffle Foreigners


While this standing is somewhat unfair, quite a few Japanese traditions and practices could fully baffle any foreigners who have been traveling through Japan.

Banishment Rooms

Many nations have powerful labor laws that prevent employers from sacking workers without good reason. Back in Japan, this has resulted in a problem for big businesses that are looking to eliminate certain individuals but cat fire them without paying huge benefit packages.

Workers are sent to perform jobs which serve no function or so are mind numbingly dull.

The firms who use this strategy hope people will get so despondent from carrying such menial work which they’ll finally quit. A voluntary resignation implies that there no more eligible for benefits, saving the company cash.

No Janitors at School

Kids in the West have been utilized to viewing janitors cleaning and executing maintenance jobs in their college. Is an essential job on account of this mess that children tend of leaving them.

This isn’t the situation in Japan though. Instead of the usual cafeteria, students eat in their classroom with their instructor and hand out the meals themselves.

The notion is that this educates a feeling of obligation and of working collectively learning to become selfless instead of selfish. As these are unquestionably good morals to be instructing kids, is a practice which looks completely alien out of Japan.

Sleeping at Work

Getting caught napping in the office is something which usually gets you in trouble. Any boss will probably not be very happy to walk on you sleeping if they’re paying you to perform a job. However this activity, which is called inemuri, is entirely acceptable in Japan.

The habit dictates that when you’re sleeping work it signifies you’ve been working so hard you haven’t managed to have sufficient sleep in the home. This leads companies to think that the employee is only exhausted as there amazingly dedicated to their occupation.

The custom has such favorable connotations connected that some individuals even pretend to be asleep to get favor. It appears they may be on something study from NASA has revealed a rest on the job may well allow you to work harder.

Adult Adoption

Adoption is completed all around the planet, although the USA and Japan are still on peak of the world in regards to adoption rates, the kind of adoption in Japan is entirely different.

In case the owner of a household business doesn’t have a kid to keep the family living, a suitable heir is going to be discovered and adopted into the household. The habit can be employed if a dad deems his son incapable of conducting the enterprise.

Is allowed family companies to survive and flourish for more than could normally be true. 1 example is that the Zengoro Hoshi resort, which the Guinness World Records listing as the oldest family run
company on the planet at 1,300 years of age.


Over the previous two decades, Japan has developed a exceptional phenomenon which involves young guys locking themselves away and getting completely isolated. Agoraphobia manifests all over the world in several distinct cultures, but the difficulty in Japan is exceptional due to how prevalent it is.

So widespread is that the state that there exist pro facilities and advisers to help rehabilitate victims, whose amount is projected to be between 700,000 and 1 million. Cases normally last for many years but a few have lasted forever, staying isolated for more than ten years.

Physicians and psychiatrists think the issue could have become so common due to Japan’s customs and culture. Parents are eager to care for their kids until they reach age 30, while others view solitude as a precious heritage.

Novelty Food

While novelty foods really are something that you may see in dedicated candy stores, there not especially popular among Americans and Europeans. Many people usually purchase them as a joke to get family members and friends.

However, Japan has built an obsession with novelty meals, which makes it a massive industry. Is hard to explain this phenomenon came around, but a lot of brands will place out far ranging options for individuals to try. Kit Kat, as an instance, has numerous different kinds of the typical chocolate bar, resulting in the brand becoming exceptionally popular.

It isn’t simply candy fast food areas and elaborate restaurants all offer an assortment of themed or limited variant food they present on a normal basis. By watermelon-flavored soda to pumpkin hamburgers, the list continues on and on.

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