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Over the past few years I have seen several female solo travelers. Don’t get me wrong there have been plenty of such travelers before, but nowadays the climate has emboldened females to take more risks. There are a whole lot of unknowns until you travel solo to your first time, such as if it is likely to be secure, the way to discover other people to hang together, and the way to decide the place to go. While solo travel is an Awesome Opportunity to function as architect of your own experience, to observe the world in your own terms, and also to get to know yourself, it may be frightening, exciting, and bemusing all in precisely the exact same moment. As Somebody Who Has been traveling and blogging on it to get the previous four decades, I have seen all kinds of queries in first-time travelers. A number are … Read More


If it comes to engineering, we’re living in great times. We’ve got almost instantaneous communication with people around the planet, everyone can record anything using a device in their own pocket and play it later, we’ve got an abundance of high tech amusement alternatives, transport is a breeze when compared with the times of horses, and businesses are now awaiting progressively intricate nanotechnology. On the other hand, the reality is that we will soon be reaching the conclusion of the amazing technological era, until it may even begin. The environment is becoming worse, and the migrant catastrophe is an issue all around the Earth, and how we create a lot of our innovative technology is just unsustainable. Provided that we might wind up taking a few extreme measures backward.

Important metals used to make smartphones are getting scarce

Smartphones were, at the early 2000s, a novelty which many people did … Read More