21st Century Inventions


Moving forward let us not forget the great inventions made in the last century. Many of our present date inventions are actually based on their 21st centuries prototypes. Normally these lists cope with what exactly was, however after completing my top ten inventions of the 19th and 20th century lists, i always thought that it may be interesting to get a record of what may be coming from the street too. Of course, such a record is only speculative, however, the technologies/discoveries I record here aren’t overly far-fetched to become plausible, particularly as most are currently in development now.


Type or the other, but it will not be till the nineteenth century which they will grow to be really useful and common. Doing everything from fire-fighting to carpentry, at the conclusion of the century each home will have a minimum of one robot programmed to execute any range of dangerous or dull chores individuals prefer to not cope with, and they’ll be ideal to depart home to walk the dog(hell, your pet might likewise function as a robot) and keep a watch out for the home when you are off. Their military programs are much more promising, even with robots used to clear mine fields and perform assignments deemed too hazardous for their individual counterparts. How intelligent is they? Just as smart because you need them to become; they will continue to be reliant upon human beings because of their programming and upkeep after all, and thus don’t search to these taking over the planet just yet.

Genetic Engineering

It is hard to imagine that we’re on the brink of becoming able to plan our own DNA, but that’s another step-in human development. From the close of the century, both parents are going to have the ability to ascertain the gender, intellect, and sometimes even eye and hair color of the kid whilst turning off some potentially dangerous genetic flaws their offspring could happen to be in line to inherit. The capability to “style” an embryo will not be restricted to people either; from the year 2100 we may have the capability to breed elephants no longer bigger than a Golden Retriever or even earn a mouse that the size of a house-cat. Who knows we may even have the ability to combine DNA strands out of two distinct sorts of creatures and generate a hybrid elephant/mouse blend? Prepared to perform God everybody?

Hypersonic Transportation

As the plane altered travel from the St. Century, there’s not any reason to feel that development to faster speeds will end anytime soon. It’s said by the end of the 19th century, even the speediest a guy might travel on a normal basis was 60 miles (by rail). From the conclusion of this 20th century, this rate had improved ten-fold, to 600 miles (by airplane). From the conclusion of the century, it isn’t inconceivable to forecast that we will see yet another ten-fold growth, which makes it feasible for the ordinary person, woman, or child to routinely travel at rates in excess of 6,000 miles! Picture: an individual can fly from Boston in mid-afternoon, catch lunch at Tokyo, and also be home by day. Think about the regular flyer miles you could stand up doing this! 7. Free Energy The holy grail of mathematics has been the purchase of energy which comes in non-polluting sources (i.e. petroleum (natural gas, coal, etc.). But it is going to come from many sources and in quite distinct manners. Geo-thermal, wind, biomass, clean coal, solar and nuclear energy is going to be part of the shift, however other exotic technologies can also emerge. Technologies like combination and zero-point power generators, both of which might supply an in exhaustible supply of non-polluting, non-radioactive energy. At this moment, never the less, both energy resources are considered dream technology -I envision much the exact same could happen to be said about atomic energy that a century ago.


It seems like something straight from Star Trek, however their capacity to effect repairs within the body onto a microscopic amount –and fix or improve additional non-organic technology –may be the upcoming step in human development, although their self-replicating abilities will be employed to fabricate everything from microchips to potato processors. The one issue is, suppose we can not shut off the tech and fairly soon trillions of small nanites infect the whole world? Nah… will not occur.

Human Cloning

It has been around for a century; therefore, it is nothing new. But if we could clone a sheep, then it needs to be possible to replicate a human being, that is likely going to develop into a common-place fact from the waning decades of this twentieth century. Obviously, folks will not always produce carbon copies of these for pleasure, but as a way of replacing faulty organs and regenerating missing limbs. Reduce a leg? Simply take a few cells in your own body, develop a new one, and get it connected (likely by robotic physicians ) within a couple of hours. Got a poor ticker? No, trouble. You’re able to develop a new one at a flask in a couple weeks and after that have the older one replaced. Life spans of 2 or three hundred years may be within reach by means of this technique, which makes it a digital fountain of youth–or, a fountain of strength.


Monopoles (magnets which have just 1 rod)–although frightening and (thus far)impossible to perform –could be very doable in a different seventy decades or so.(Technically this would not be accurate anti-gravity however magnetism. On the other hand, there sult will be comparable.) When its possible, wheels are going to be a matter of the past as every thing will probably ride on a pillow of magnetic areas, together with propulsion being given by pointing your craft the way that you would like to go and allowing the magnetic forces of the Earth itself do all of the work. But if we can just come up with a means to halt the item after it started.


From the end of this 21st century, even your house, automobile, Fridge, etc. will probably be brighter than you and capable of doing any activity you may have in mind (this might do the job invisibly together with your private robot. Not only could your home be completely automatic, but would just about everything else, but out of airliners and factories to fighter planes and warships. Even whole cities would operate off a computer center that could be at fault for doing anything from turning to the park’s security system as it found dehydration from the yards into working the traffic grid turning to the lights. Individuals would nevertheless make all of the big decisions–ideally –and keep those methods (again, with the support of the robot pals) however for the most part, individuals are going to be from this equation, thus providing them additional time to see their favourite apps on holographic televisions.

Hydrogen Powered Cars

Since individuals have this kind of love affair with their car, it is difficult to envision the car vanishing anytime soon. But it’s possible that from the center of the century, the fantastic old Internal combustion engine because we know it’s going to be obsolete as the vapor engine. Electrical vehicles and cars are the short-term standard; however, they will find substantial rivalry coming from hydrogen-powered vehicles that will but operate on hydrogen and then depart just water vapor into their own bottoms. Not that you would have to push the items, needless to say.

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